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Six Core Habits for Consistent Weight Loss (+Science!)

Your fat cells are not just passive receptors for stored lipids. Like other body tissues, adipocytes are fully alive, and they fight back against serious weight loss. They try to reload themselves by releasing subtle biological messages to the rest of your body. The following six habits will help you defeat their selfish goal of returning you to tubbiness.

Using Small Plates and Bowls

It sounds hokey, but it’s nonetheless an effective tactic. Your subconscious is highly suggestible when it comes to hunger, and a mostly empty plate or bowl implies missing food. Consistently using small plates and bowls filled to the brim sends your subconscious the message that all necessary food is already present. You’ll be less likely to search for more grub later to satisfy psychological hunger.

Slow, Measured Eating

Your brain doesn’t communicate like lightning with the rest of your body. It takes time for biological messages of satiety to reach your brain from your digestive system. Eating slowly gives your gastrointestinal tract time to generate these messages. Slowly savoring your meal will also send a message to your subconscious that you’re not in a hurry to gobble down your food before some hungry, imaginary beast steals it. A peaceful meal is a satisfying meal.

Relaxing, Sustained Exercise

You don’t have to be an exercise fanatic to successfully tone your body. Contrary to popular perception, exercise is of limited use for weight loss. It’s best seen as the path to fitness at any weight level. Gentle running, walking, bicycling and swimming all contribute to fitness and happiness. If you’re up to it, many fitness experts believe two or three brief, intense bouts of weight lifting per week followed by adequate rest and nutrition can add greatly to fitness with little time spent. No matter what form of exercise you choose, the key to success is a combination of moderation, nutrition and rest.

Staying Hydrated Always

A remarkably large number of so-called hunger pangs actually stem from thirst. The biological need for fluids is fundamental, and staying hydrated will largely eliminate false hunger pangs while dieting. Staying hydrated also helps critical body organs such as your kidneys, your liver and your brain function normally. All other things being equal, a hydrated brain is an alert brain that doesn’t desperately reach for food to feel normal.

Sleeping Until Rested

Continually neglecting to get enough sleep doesn’t just increase your daily levels of stress hormones and retard your normal nightly healing processes. Chronic sleep deprivation also encourages compensatory eating that subconsciously seeks to lift the dreary fog of constant fatigue. Getting enough sleep carries so many health benefits that it’s virtually a mandatory habit.

Regular Culinary Rewards



Endlessly depriving yourself only results in hungry thoughts. Even a superhero would succumb under a constant onslaught of unfulfilled temptations. It’s okay to plan in advance for the occasional rich treat after having accomplished another life goal. The risk of follow-up gluttony can be avoided by immediately pursuing another pleasurable activity that doesn’t involve food, such as outdoor sports with friends or a snuggly movie date with your significant other.

Concluding Thoughts

While powerful, the blind biological urge to fatten up can be persistently moderated and controlled. Winning around the clock is the best option for eventually reaching your weight and fitness goals.

Also make sure to check out dedicated communities like the /loseit/ subreddit:

Increase Your Metabolism to Shed Extra Pounds

You may have difficulty losing weight and getting into shape because your metabolism is not burning calories efficiently. Increasing your metabolism sheds excess weight, improves body composition and boosts workout performance. Research shows that it is possible to improve metabolism by making a few changes in your daily routine.

Start the Day Early

Increase your metabolism by eating a nutrient-rich breakfast shortly after getting out of bed. A national study revealed that people who eat a morning meal kept weight off better than those who skipped breakfast. Drinking a cup of coffee also provides a small boost. Green tea offers many of the same benefits without the side effects. It contains antioxidants and catechin, which is reported to improve the rate of metabolism.

Eat the Right Foods

Eat organic food like fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Canadian research shows that pesticides and other thyroid toxins can slow your metabolism. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps balance blood sugar and reduces resistance to leptin, a hormone that controls how fast fat is burned. Omega-3s also reduce inflammation and help regulate the metabolism. Protein builds metabolically active muscle mass and prevents fat storage. It speeds up the metabolism because more energy is required to digest protein than carbohydrates. Do not cut too many calories. Your body may sense that times are lean and reduce your metabolism to conserve energy. Eating nutrient-dense food reduces the urge to snack.

Take Nutritional Supplements

Your body needs the right mix of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. While you should strive to obtain all your nutrition from a balanced diet, food can lack sufficient nutrients because of farming, storage and preparation techniques. Supplements like zinc and selenium can help speed up your metabolic rate by aiding the release of neurotransmitters, including dopamine and epinephrine. Supplements can ensure that you are getting enough dietary fiber.

Want to hit all your micronutrients with just one smoothie? Check this:

Stay Properly Hydrated

A lack of water has been shown to slow metabolic rates by as much as 2 percent. Your body needs water to process calories and perform other physiological functions. German research has shown that consuming six cups of cold water per day can raise resting metabolism by 50 calories because the body must increase the temperature of the water. The recommendation is to consume eight 8-ounce glasses per day.

Intensify Your Workout

Vary the level of your workout by incorporating intense 30-second intervals before returning to your normal routine. This strategy requires your body to consume more oxygen and work harder causing you to burn more calories. You will build more muscle mass and increase your resting metabolism. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Increasing your resting metabolism causes your body to run at a higher level even on the days you cannot workout. Although cardio is important for burning fat, short, intense bursts create a post-exercise condition that shifts the metabolism into high gear as the body seeks to replenish normal oxygen levels.

While changing your diet and daily routine may seem daunting, implementing these tips will increase your metabolism. Patience and persistence will be rewarded with an improved physique and quality of life.

Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

You don’t need to be a millionaire in order to travel and experience new places. In reality, it is possible for you to travel on a budget. For instance, you can purchase the plane ticket ahead of time. Not only does it help you minimize the stress of preparing for the trip, it can also give you discounts.

Next, you also want to make sure that you just pack light. This will allow you to not buy things that you really don’t need during vacation. And lastly, you want to check AirBnB rather than hotels.

Useful Diet Tips For Beginners

Dieting is a great way to lose weight. They’d say that successful weight loss is 80% diet and just 20% workouts. If you are trying to cut weight, it is important that you are counting your calories. Next, you also want to make sure that you are eating quality food that fills in your required caloric needs. You also want to space the meals throughout the day. This will help your metabolic rate to process everything.

And of course, you should drink plenty of water. Water can help curb your body’s desire to eat unhealthy foods.

How to Minimize Clutter in Your Home

Clutter in your home can be distracting. A lot of homeowners today are applying minimalist ideas in order to not only feel good in their home but to have a more functional space. For starters, it is important that you stop hoarding items that you really don’t need. There are some people who simply buy items even if they really don’t need these things. Next, it is also a good idea that you make it a habit organizing parts of the house. Make sure that you fold the clothes the right way in order to maximize space in your closet.

How to Properly Supplement After a Workout

Workouts may become useless if you are not having the right kind of supplement. Having the right kind of supplement can make a huge difference. It can help your body recover and increase your metabolic rate in the long run. First, you want to know which types of food can help the body recover after a long workout? For a lot of people, they’d most likely stick to whey protein. It contains a good number of amino acids that can help the muscle fibers recover. Next, you can also take BCAAs in order to lessen the instances of muscle spasms after the workout.

How to Lose Your Weight Without Naturally?

Losing your weight naturally is a problem for a lot of individuals. It is, in fact, a problem for a lot of adults today considering the fact that they want fast results without the hard work.

A lot of people rely on slimming pills despite not knowing what is actually inside these health supplements. If you really care about your body, it is a good idea that you turn to natural methods in order to prevent problems with your liver, kidneys, heart, and other major organs. If you don’t have any idea how to start, here are some methods that you can use.

Gradually clean what you eat

You are what you eat. However, let’s admit the fact that eating clean takes time. And you should never hurry up. Losing weight and getting lean is a result of eating clean meals consistently. However, this can be a challenge. It is important that you take things slow. Perhaps, it is a good idea that you eliminate one unhealthy food at a time every few days or even weeks. This can help build your momentum and make sure that you are fully adjusted to the clean alternative diets.

Exercises should be focused on larger muscle groups

When it comes to doing your workouts, it is important that you are going to be smart when it comes to your approach. Make sure that you focus on larger muscle groups in order to lose more calories. Developing large muscle groups such as your quads and your back muscles can help the body burn more calories even at rest.

Eat small but frequently

Next, it is also a good idea that you don’t binge. Binging can only make it worse for our weight. It is important that you control what you eat. Make sure that you only eat small portions every meal. However, you can distribute the meals throughout the day. This would mean that you are going to be eating at least 6 small meals daily.

Sleep more than 8 hours

Sleeping is a physiologic need of the body. However, for a lot of people, they forget to rest with enough number of hours in order to recover. Not only does it slow down the metabolic rate, it also increases your cravings confusing the body making you feel hungry.

Drink a lot of water

Water is a great way to help detoxify the body. It can also help flush salt that is water retentive. By drinking a good amount of water every day, you are also stopping your cravings. A lot of times, the body simply needs water. Instead, it is interpreted by the body as hunger.

For people trying to lose weight, it is a good idea to turn to natural methods first rather than take slimming health supplements that may carry harmful side effects to the body. Most people today also don’t realize that they might actually need the help of professionals in order to effectively trim weight. From nutritionists to trainers, these are people who can make a difference in your health.

Gradually clean what you eat

You are what you eat. However, let’s admit the fact that eating clean takes time. And you should never hurry up. Losing weight and getting lean is a result of eating clean meals consistently. However, this can be a challenge. It is important that you take things slow. Perhaps, it is a good idea that you eliminate one unhealthy food at a time every few days or even weeks. This can help build your momentum and make sure that you are fully adjusted to the clean alternative diets.