Most people love their dogs like family and want to give them the best they can. Food is one way you can provide the best for your dog, both in good nutrition and in happiness, because let’s face it, food makes us all happy, especially our dogs.

Giving your dog a raw food diet is a great way to provide them with all the good, wholesome nutrition they need. Here we will look at just 3 of the many benefits your dog will get from eating a raw food diet or using at least non-processed options like Life Abundance Dog Food.


#1 – Dental Health Will Improve

Did you know that about 85% of all adult dogs have some type of dental problem? This is because dogs have teeth that are designed to tear and rip the flesh off a bone and are capable of chewing these bones into tiny bits they can digest. Kibble does not require any tearing or ripping and many times will even stick to your dog’s teeth. A raw diet that includes bones will help both with strengthening their teeth as well as improved breath. Due to the “scrubbing” action their teeth will get from the meat and bones, you will be able to welcome those dog kisses again soon!


#2 – Digestion Will Improve

With a raw food diet, your dog will spend a longer time working and chewing their food and bones. This extended time will allow gastric juices to be released in your dog’s body. This will help the food to digest better.

With kibble your dog will gulp their food and eat it very quickly. This has a negative impact on your dog’s body to digest his food. This can lead to issues like diarrhea and vomiting. Many pet owners see improvements quickly once they introduce a raw food diet to their dogs.


#3 – Coat and Skin Improvement

One of the fastest improvements that you will notice is a change in your dog’s coat and skin. This improvement can be seen very quickly once your dog has changed over to the raw food diet. Their skin will feel more hydrated and their coat will become much shinier. This likely happens because of the fatty acids that are found in raw, natural meats.

Food allergies in dogs are also a common occurrence. Many pet owners have noticed that their dogs will stop having hot spots, get less ear infections and the itching will stop too. Switching to a raw food diet for your dog can help alleviate some or even all of your pets need for topical ointments and steroidal drugs.

Feeding your beloved dog a raw food diet can improve so many aspects of their lives. Before switching, be sure to do your research on the right foods to feed your dog and to be sure he is getting the nutrition he needs to live a long, happy, healthy, full life.


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