If you own a cat and do not have a cat insurance policy, it may be something you are looking into getting. After all, while a typical cat insurance policy can be a few hundred dollars a year, the money you save if your cat becomes sick or is injured would be far more than that. Here are just a few reasons why getting a cat insurance policy for your own cat is probably a smart idea.

Cats get injured — Even if it is an indoor cat, your beloved pet can get injured. Cats fall off climbing frames, get their paws trapped in doors and can even be stepped on inadvertently. When an injury to your cat happens, you will want to know you can afford to immediately take it to the vet and have the injury taken care of. An outdoor cat has even more chance of becoming injured as, yes, cats can fall out of trees, off walls or into deep holes. Tens of thousands also get hit by cars every year.

Having cat insurance, however, will enable you to get the injury fixed quickly with little or no cost to yourself.

Cats do get poisoned — While you may have an idea in your head that your cat will instinctively avoid poisonous things, this is not true at all. Cats get sick and die every year from eating poisonous plants, poisonous food or even from eating things that have been deliberately poisoned by someone meaning to do them harm. If you have cat insurance, however, you can quickly rush your cat to the vet and have it treated. Find out more on Försäkrakatten.

Cats can become ill quickly — You may wake up one day and have a normal, healthy looking cat. By the end of the day, however, he could be so sick he can hardly stand and certainly cannot eat. Cats can become ill very quickly. So quickly their owners are often shocked at how quickly they can die. Especially if they do not have money in the budget to pay for the much needed vet care to help heal them. Make sure you are never in a positionswhere you have to choose paying your own bills or paying for a costly veterinarian visit for your cat. Having cat insurance can quickly ensure that does not happen.

Cat insurance is cheap compared to vet bills — If your cat has one major illness a year, this could cost you thousands of dollars to fix. When you compare the cost of vet treatment to that of paying for cat insurance, therefore, you will see quickly how cost effective insurance can be. In fact, most people that decide to buy cat insurance report they are very happy they did so. Especially when they consider how easily they can get treatment for their cat.


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